BAWMAN focuses on wireless communications, telecommunications, and networking technologies.

Consulting Practice : BAWMAN provides Strategic Consulting, Business Consulting, Standards Consulting, System Architecture & Technology Consulting, and Patent & Intellectual Property Consulting services to research, develop, and commercialize innovations in wireless communications and networking technologies.

Expert Witness : BAWMAN's principal consultant Baw Chng is also available to provide Expert Witness services in patent, intellectual property, and other legal cases concerning Networking & Communications, Wi-Fi, Cellular Technologies, Cloud Computing, and Web Services.

Baw Chng

Specialties : President and principal consultant Baw Chng is a highly experienced networking and communications expert, a wireless communications industry strategist, network system architect, inventor, pioneer in Small Cell technologies, and Patent Agent registered with the USPTO. Mr. Chng has extensive experience working with companies of all sizes (from early stage start-ups to "Tier-1" service providers), domestic and international alike, advising senior executive teams on matters concerning business strategy, technology standards, network architecture, system design, technology research and development, patents and intellectual properties in the wireless networking and communications industry.

Patents : Mr. Chng has been awarded multiple patents in the areas of network security, network management, network selection and device provisioning, network/system architecture, mobility management, access control, service activation, network planning/configuration, and authentication protocol.


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phone: +1-865-229-6268
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